Client Testimonials

Thank you. Not sure why I would trust a local insurance agent and patient to insure a business they know very little about. Thanks for taking the time to know about me (family) and my business. Good to have someone I can trust that doesn’t want to trade insurance for dentistry! – J.G. DMD

Thanks for your help. Finally someone who knows dentistry without me explaining my entire business to them!  — T.S. DDS

Thank you Thank you Thank you. I didn’t think I would qualify for disability coverage after my injury. I appreciate you taking my information to multiple carriers and finding me a solid policy.     – D.M.

Jonathan, thank you so much for your patience and expertise. Also being available in the evenings and weekends for me.   – J.T. DDS

Thank you for helping me get medical coverage for my family! I thought we were in trouble and would not get coverage after we let it lapse. — C.B.

Das ist gefhrlich, besonders wenn der student grade mit dem auto auf dem weg zur uni ist

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